IAS Gyan


  • Prelims
  • 23 Mar, 2022
  • UPSC Prelims Subject-Wise Weightage

    Through this stage the following qualities are assessed.

    • CLARITY OF MIND: A civil servant entrusted with the responsibility of the society should have a mind which is very clear on its thoughts to take a just and lucid decision. Similarly mind should be strong and solid enough to be able to withstand stress and answer the questions in a balanced manner.
    • SPEED: An administrator has to take big decisions and that too immediately.
    • DECISION MAKING: An administrator’s success depends on how many correct decisions he could take in his life as they affect the country and its people.
    • MEMORY: should be able to sort out what it requires even in the foggiest situations.
    • FOCUS: Concentration is a forte of an administrator’s mind.
    • AWARENESS: civil servant should be aware of the times, its requirements and the technology and means available, to make a good decision. Civil servant is expected to observe things that happen around you and retain them. Undoubtedly, such a mind would have a store of information and knowledge that he could use as raw material while taking a decision. Such a mind would be rational, continuously working and progressive.