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All India UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023 Mock Test

5 Tests



Attention EPFO EO/AO aspirants! The much-awaited UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023 notification has been released. This year there are a total of 418 vacancies.

Learning is not complete without practice

Excelling in UPSC EPFO EO/AO will help you become the prestigious Enforcement Officer/Account Officer. Preparing for UPSC EPFO EO/AO isn’t easy. The UPSC EPFO EO/AO examination is exhaustive, dynamic, unpredictable and covers all the topics extensively and therefore it is very important to plan and prepare for the exam accordingly. One also has to remember that no matter how much they prepare, they have to keep one thing in mind that the competition is against some of the sharpest brains in the nation. The smarter the aspirant prepare, the better his/her result will be.

One of the most important parts of the UPSC EPFO EO/AO examination is attempting the test series. These test series are going to play a very important role in refining any aspirant’s performance.

Prove your mettle on the national stage!

Participate in the All India test series for EPFO AO/EO 2023 and evaluate, improve yourself and decimate the first and most crucial stage with ease.

Apti Plus Academy’s All India test series for EPFO AO/EO 2023 is a stepping stone to cracking the UPSC EPFO EO/AO examination

Learn, Revise, Evaluate, Improve and Succeed by evaluating yourself before UPSC evaluate you!

Decimate UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023 with full-length tests. Curated by India's most adroit professionals & renowned academicians with vast experience in UPSC. Increase marks through in-depth analysis & corrective measures and Detailed Test Report with All India Ranking.  Full flexibility as aspirants can take Tests anytime and anywhere. Closely Aligned to UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023  Syllabus, Understand requirements & prepare effectively according to the demands of the examination. Don’t miss out on any topics of the Syllabus & get complete coverage.


Special features of UPSC EPFO AO/EO Test Series 2023 by APTI PLUS-the best test series for UPSC EPFO AO/EO:

  • RESEARCHED CONTENT: The content in these online EPFO Mock Tests is based on the latest examination pattern which extensively covers the entire syllabus.
  • BEST PREPARATORY TOOLS: Subject-wise & topic-wise Questions based on the latest pattern, in addition to previous year question papers.
  • DEVELOPS TEMPERAMENT: This best test series for UPSC EPFO AO/EO helps develop the real-time exam temperament of students before the actual competition.
  • ADVANCE LEVEL: Problems in these EPFO AO/EO Mock Tests are of advanced level which will increase the solving ability of the student.
  • DETAILED ANALYSIS: This best test series for UPSC EPFO AO/EO will provide systematic assessment & feedback on students’ performance which will help them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tests under the test series for EPFO AO/EO 2023 have been prepared by a pool of expert faculties.


COURSE COMMENCEMENT: starts 21st March 2023

MODE: Online

LANGUAGE: EPFO mock test in English


  • 5 High-quality tests
  • All India Ranking
  • Based on the latest approach and the latest difficulty level
  • Detailed solutions by subject experts




21st March


4th April


18th April


2nd May


16th May




By bringing core values of integrity and determination; time-tested unique pedagogy; nationally-renowned faculty; innovative courses & test series; scientifically-designed study material; personalized coaching and enabling infrastructure through single platform, APTI PLUS provides aspirants with a very powerful system that can help them unfold their full potential systematically.

Why this course?

There are so many benefits of attempting these EPFO AO/EO Mock Tests, particularly those by APTI PLUS.

  • Efficient time management: This is the first and most important thing you should take care of. Time is of the essence in UPSC EPFO AO/EO and there are many instances where the candidate is not able to give his or her best because of this improper timing. This is the reason why you should write UPSC EPFO AO/EO Test Series 2023 by APTI PLUS-the best test series for UPSC EPFO AO/EO.
  • Quick Results and Feedback: this test series for EPFO AO/EO 2023 provides you with immediate result and feedback. These are two of the most important things that will help you with your preparation.
  • Flexibility: Time is of the essence for every UPSC EPFO aspirant and this test series for EPFO AO/EO 2023 will not have a negative impact on your time in any way. You do not need to go anywhere else to try out the test and another good thing about these is that you can try the test whenever you need it. You can write online EPFO Mock Tests at a time that suits you and this will help you save good money too.
  • Try to get tested more often: Since you can write these online EPFO Mock Tests at a time that suits you, you can try these tests as many times as you like. The more you practice and the more you do, the more successful you are in the test. This EPFO AO/EO Mock Tests will help you to practice more often and try more questions. The great thing about these is that you will be given a detailed report on how you are doing, time management and accuracy.
  • Increases Your Self-Confidence: Self-esteem has always been an important factor. EPFO AO/EO Mock Tests that you will try are nothing less than a real test and attempting them will have a positive impact on your performance.
  • UPSC EPFO Test Series 2023 by APTI PLUS-the best test series for UPSC EPFO is one of the best methods to improve the level of confidence and rectifying the mistakes in one’s preparation.
  • EPFO AO/EO Test Series by APTI PLUS help you develop the skill required to tackle the uncertain nature of the paper. Few questions asked in UPSC EPFO will be such about which one may have no idea at all. However, a candidate with good practice of facing similar questions in UPSC EPFO test series will have an upper hand in tackling such situations.
  • Also, an all India rank in the UPSC AO/EO Test Series by APTI PLUS will help him/her in analyzing the true nature of the competition and evaluating his/her preparation level.
  • In order to fulfill your aim to score well and rank high, you should know how to safeguard your score against negative marking by means of answering correctly. So, if you attempt the UPSC EPFO Test Series by APTI PLUS as frequently as possible, the probability of attempting the question paper correctly by means of choosing the right answers.
  • The UPSC EPFO Test Series by APTI PLUS-the best test series for UPSC EPFO helps you make an assessment of your competence among your peers.
  • When you revise and re-revise, whatever knowledge you have gained while preparing for the exam, gets firmly registered in your mind. And the UPSC EPFO Test Series by APTI PLUS-the best test series for UPSC EPFO helps boost the process further.
  • If there is any shortcut to achieving high marks within a limited time in UPSC EPFO, then that is UPSC APFC mock tests by APTI PLUS.
  • Candidates will get extra vital information


Past year papers can be accessed from: https://www.upsc.gov.in/recruitment/recruitment-test/question-papers/archives

Last paper’s cut off: https://www.upsc.gov.in/sites/default/files/421_EO-AO_EPFO_Cutoff_Eng_24112022.pdf

For all updates visit: https://www.upsc.gov.in/

To know more about EPFO visit: https://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/index.php


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