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“Nischay Se UPSC Tak, Prelims Booster 2024 Ka Sankalp - Your Path to Success!”

Master the art of cracking the IAS prelims 2024 with comprehensive coverage and strategicpreparation.Unleash your true potential and conquer the UPSC CSE Prelims with Nischay:APTI PLUSAcademy's All India UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series Programme 2024!

This comprehensive UPSC Prelims test series package is designed to boost your chances of success in the IAS prelims exam. Here's what you'll get:

Number of Tests:

  • 12 Subject-wise Foundational Tests
  • 6 Subject-wise Full-length Revision Tests
  • 2 Thematic Tests
  • 10 GS I Simulator Tests
  • 7 CSAT Simulator Tests
  • 5 PYQ-Based Tests
  • 7 Current Affairs-Based Tests


This program is your passport to success in IAS Prelims 2024, with a perfect blend of features that make it the ultimate choice for aspirants like you.


Step-by-Step Excellence! Master the Art of Prelims!

  • Try Before You Buy: Begin your journey with us by accessing one full-length demo test each on essential subjects - Polity, Geography, Economy, Sci and Tech & Environment, and History. Experience the brilliance of our UPSC CSE prelims test series programme with these free tests.
  • Comprehensive Test Package: Dive into an extensive UPSC CSE prelims test series package that covers GS Subject-wise Comprehensive Tests to strengthen your subject-specific knowledge, Thematic Tests to test your analytical skills, Simulator for a real exam experience, PYQ-Based Tests for mastering previous year questions, and Current Affairs-Based Tests to keep you updated with the latest developments.
  • Pre-recorded Paper Discussions: Enhance your understanding with pre-recorded discussions on each test, where our mentors meticulously analyze questions, helping you learn from every aspect.
  • Monthly Current-Affairs Magazine: Stay well-informed with free access to IAS Gazette, APTI PLUS’s monthly current affairs magazine, and enrich your knowledge on contemporary issues.
  • Daily Prelims Practice: Embrace daily practice with the monthly compilation of IAS GYAN's Daily Prelims Practice Tests, fostering regular revision and boosting your confidence.
  • 100% Refund Policy: For details refer to the brochure

Incremental Value Addition:

Fundamental level:

Micro Topic-Listing will break down complex subjects into manageable chunks making your preparation more effective.

Sectional Tests will help you build a solid foundation in each subject, boosting your fundamentals to new heights.


Applied level:

Each Foundational Test and Revision Test includes 20 questions on current affairs, bridging the gap between static and dynamic knowledge.

Subject-wise tests will ensure comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, empowering you with in-depth knowledge in every subject.

Coverage of current affairs will help you stay ahead of the curve keeping you updated on the latest events and trends.


Comprehensive level:

These Full-Length Tests will validate that your preparation is complete and you have achieved that extra edge to succeed in CSE Prelims.



Detailed Test Reports & Analysis will help you unlock valuable insights to enhance your strategy.

Performance Evaluation will help you fine-tune your preparation, maximizing your chances of success.





13th August 2023




Offline: INR 9999

Online: INR 7900

Join Nischay:APTI PLUSAcademy's All India UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series Programme 2024 and embark on a transformative journey towards success in the UPSC CSE Prelims 2024. Together, let's conquer the challenge and make your UPSC dream a reality!



What is the focus of NischayAPTI PLUS's All India UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series Programme 2024?

The focus of the programme is to help aspirants master the art of cracking the UPSC CSE Prelims 2024 through comprehensive coverage and strategic preparation.

What does the prelims test series package include?

The test package includes 12 subject-wise foundational tests, 6 subject-wise full-length revision tests, 2 thematic tests, 10 GS I simulator tests, 7 CSAT simulator tests, 5 PYQ-based tests, and 7 current affairs-based tests.

Why should I join this IAS prelims test series programme?

The programme offers a perfect blend of features, including strict adherence to the Civil Services pattern, subject-wise full coverage, micro topic-listing, sectional tests for strong foundations, and current affairs integration, making it the ultimate choice for UPSC aspirants.

What is the course structure of this IAS prelims test series programme?

The programme follows a step-by-step approach to excellence, with free demo tests, comprehensive test packages, expert discussion videos, pre-recorded paper discussions, monthly current-affairs magazine, and daily prelims practice.

How is the UPSC prelims test series programme designed to add value incrementally?

The programme adds value incrementally through fundamental, applied, and comprehensive levels. It includes micro topic-listing, sectional tests, current affairs questions, and full-length tests to ensure a complete and well-rounded preparation.

What is the medium of instruction for the CSE prelims test series programme?

The medium of instruction is English.

When does the IAS prelims test series programme start?

The programme is scheduled to start on 13th August 2023.

What are the available modes of the prelims test series programme?

The programme can be taken either offline or online, depending on the preference of the aspirant.

What are the fees for the UPSC CSE prelims test series programme?

The fees for the offline mode are INR 9999, and for the online mode, it is INR 7900.

Is there a refund policy for the UPSCCSE prelims test series programme?

Yes, there is a 100% refund policy. For details, aspirants can refer to the brochure.




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