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Advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) System ‘Shakti’                                               

19th November, 2021 Security

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Context: Prime Minister to formally handovered DRDO Designed and Developed Advanced Electronic Warfare Suite ‘Shakti’ to Indian Navy.


About Advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) System ‘Shakti’

  • It has been designed and developed by Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL) Hyderabad a laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
  • It will provide an electronic layer of defence against modern radars and anti-ship missiles to ensure electronic dominance and survivability in the maritime battlefield.
  • This system will replace the earlier generation EW Systems of the Indian Navy.
  • The system has been integrated with the wideband Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) for the defence of Indian Navy Ships against missile attacks.
  • The ESM of the system helps in finding accurate direction and interception of modern radars. The system has a built-in radar fingerprinting and data recording replay feature for post-mission analysis.