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Bhitarkanika National Park                                              

6th September, 2021 Environment

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  • Environmentalists expressed concern over the massive diversion of fresh water from the Brahmani river basin, which could pose a grave threat to the famous mangrove vegetation in Odisha.
  • The Talcher-Angul coal mines, steel and power plants as well as the Kalinganagar steel and power hub are drawing enormous quantities of fresh water from the Brahmani river.


About Bhitarkanika:

  • It is a notified Ramsar wetland.
  • The national park is home to Saltwater crocodile
  • Spread over 195 sq. km, it is home to 62 mangrove species.


Why reducing flow of freshwater is a cause of concern?

  • Mangroves grow in brackish water.
  • Proportionate fresh water flow from the Brahmani river basin and the Kharasrota river keep the salinity level of the water along the shore down.
  • The reduction in water flow would lead to drastic changes in the water regime of the Bhitarkanika mangroves.
  • This can lead to increase in the man–crocodile conflict since the estuarine crocodiles would leave the core sanctuary area and migrate upstream once salinity increases.