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3rd September, 2021 Environment


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  • India’s first bio-brick based building inaugurated at IIT Hyderabad.
  • It can help farmers as their agricultural waste will become an income generator.
  • It is part of the Bold Unique Idea Lead Development (BUILD) project to demonstrate the strength and versatility of the material.
    • BUILD project is one of the initiatives of IIT-H, that has taken during the pandemic.
    • BUILD objective is to bring out the best innovative and unique idea our students have and provide them the necessary support to convert their idea into reality.
    • It is an illustration of ‘Wealth from Waste’.


Why Bio-bricks?

  • Bio-bricks or agro-waste-based bricks have good thermal and sound insulation,.
  • They are breathable and help maintain a comfortable living condition during harsh summer or cold winters.
  • Bio-brick was developed as an alternative and sustainable building material that acts as an alternative to stubble burning.
  • Bio-bricks or agro-waste-based bricks can help to create new jobs at the grassroots level.