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6th February, 2024 Health


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Context: Candida auris is an emerging fungal pathogen that has raised concerns globally due to its high fatality rate, resistance to multiple antifungal drugs, and ability to spread easily in healthcare settings.

About Candida auris

  • Candida auris is a fungal infection that has emerged as a significant health concern due to its ability to cause severe infections, its resistance to multiple antifungal drugs, and its rapid spread in healthcare settings.
  • It can spread easily in healthcare facilities, particularly among individuals with weakened immune systems. It can be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces, medical devices, or from person to person.
  • Individuals at higher risk of Candida auris infection include those with weakened immune systems, patients in hospitals who use medical devices such as feeding tubes or catheters, and those who have been previously colonized with the fungus.
  • It can cause infections in various parts of the body, including the bloodstream, open wounds, and ears. However, symptoms can vary widely depending on the site and severity of the infection.
  • It can colonize the skin and other body sites without causing illness, which means individuals can carry and potentially transmit the fungus without showing symptoms themselves.
  • To prevent the spread of Candida auris, strict infection control measures are necessary. This includes isolating infected or colonized patients, using disinfectants to clean contaminated surfaces, and ensuring healthcare providers adhere to proper hand hygiene and wear protective gear.


  • Candida auris poses a serious threat due to its rapid spread, high mortality rate, drug resistance, and challenges in diagnosis and treatment. Preventive measures, strict infection control, and global monitoring are crucial to managing and containing this emerging health risk.

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Q. Which of the following Statement is correct about Candida auris?

A) It is a type of bacteria commonly found in soil.

B) It is a highly contagious virus causing respiratory illness.

C) It is a multi-drug resistant fungus posing a threat in healthcare settings.

D) It is easily treated with common antibiotics.

Answer: C


Candida auris is a fungus, not a bacteria or a virus. It is known for being multi-drug resistant, making it challenging to treat with conventional antifungal medications. The statement accurately reflects the concern about Candida auris in healthcare settings due to its resistance to drugs and its potential to cause serious infections.