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  • The state government of Haryana has recently launched the Cheerag scheme to provide “free education” to Economically Weaker Section (EWS) students of government schools in the “budget” of private schools.
  • Under the scheme, government school students whose parent's annual income is less than Rs 1.8 lakh can enrol in private schools from Class II to XII.
  • The government will provide monthly Support of;
    • Rs 700 per student from Classes II to V.
    • Rs 900 per student from Classes VI to VIII.
    • Rs 1,100 per student from Classes IX to XII.
  • More than 530 “budget” private schools have applied under the Cheerag scheme to offer seats to EWS students.
    • However, the authorities found that only 381 schools were eligible due to various reasons.
  • The selected 381 private schools have offered around 25,000 seats. However, less than 1700 students have preferred to enrol on the scheme.
  • According to some activists the scheme aimed at encouraging private schools at the cost of government schools.
    • They suggested that Instead of offering free education in private schools, the government should strengthen the infrastructure at government schools and fill the vacant posts of teachers.