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9th August, 2022 EXTRA TOPIC OF THE DAY

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In News

  • India has formally started cooperation with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF): a Bahrain-based multilateral partnership.
  • Recently, at the India-U.S 2+2 dialogues, India announced that it would join the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) as an Associate Partner.
    • Associate members to provide resources, personnel and cooperative engagement based on the needs and requirements.
  • The Indian Navy could be contributing a warship whenever required.


Combined Maritime Forces

  • It is a multinational naval partnership to promote security, stability and prosperity.
  • This is a 34 members grouping commanded by a U.S. Navy Vice Admiral.
  • The maritime forces are based in Bahrain and undertake counter-terrorism, counter-piracy and regional cooperation.
  • Pakistan is a full member of the Combined Maritime Forces.
  • It comprises three task forces:
    • CTF 150 (maritime security and counter-terrorism).
    • CTF 151 (counter-piracy).
    • CTF 152 (Arabian Gulf security and cooperation).
  • It is a flexible organization and members are not bound by either a political or military mandate.
  • India has in the past cooperated with CMF on various occasions.

Significance of the Step

  • It would strengthen cooperation in regional security in the western Indian Ocean.
  • It will deepen the multilateral engagements by the Indian Navy and widen military diplomacy.
  • This will promote India as a responsible maritime security partner in the Indian Ocean.