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4th May, 2023 Geography

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  • The Indian Meteorological Department has been closely tracking a cyclonic storm that is forming over the Bay of Bengal and is likely to make landfall between 8th and 11th May.


  • This will be the first cyclone to form this year and it will be called Cyclone Mocha.
  • The name was proposed by Yemen - after the Red Sea port city - following an international convention of naming cyclones.

ALL ABOUT TROPICAL CYCLONE: https://www.iasgyan.in/blogs/cyclone-burevi-all-about-tropical-cyclones


Q. Which of the following conditions are required for the development of Tropical Cyclones?

a) Sea surface temperatures (higher than 26º C),

b) Strong vertical wind shear

c) Absence of Coriolis force.

d) Small variations in the vertical wind speed:

Which of the statements given above are correct?

1) a and b only

2) a and c only

3) a, and d only

4) All of the above.

Correct Answer: Option 3