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17th June, 2022 Polity and Governance

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Context - The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship has organised an interactive session with stakeholders on the Draft National Data Governance Framework Policy in New Delhi.



  • More than 250 stakeholders from industry, start-ups, academia, think tanks, international alliances & government officials from various ministries were present at the session.
  • The Ministers have highlighted the fast digitalization in India, and the increase in data volumes gives rise to the need for a framework to utilize the potential of this data.



  • The policy aims to formalise Government's Data collection and management.
  • It also aims to catalyse Artificial intelligence (AI) and Data research and encourage start-ups.
  • The main objective of the Draft policy is;
    • To improve the institutional framework for government data sharing.
    • Promoting principles around privacy and security.
    • Design and encourage the use of anonymization tools.
    • Ensuring impartial access to non-personal data for both the public and private sectors.
    • Used the data to improve citizens’ experience and turn them into a Digital Nagrik.
    • Promote Digital Governance.
    • Standardized data management and Security Standards across the Government data management ecosystem.
    • Encourage Public digital platforms while ensuring the privacy, and safety of the users.
    • To promote transparency, accountability, and ownership in Non-personal data and Datasets access.
  • An "India Data Management Office (IDMO)" will be established under the Digital India Corporation ("DIC") under MeitY.
    • It will be responsible for framing, managing and periodically reviewing and revising the Policy.
    • It will be responsible for developing rules, standards, and guidelines periodically.
    • It will formulate all data/datasets/metadata rules, standards, and guidelines in consultation with Ministries, State Governments, and industry.
    • It will also encourage the data and Al-based Research, and start-up eco-systems by working with the Digital India Start-up Hub (the erstwhile MSH).
  • Every Ministry/Department will establish a Data Management Unit (DMUs) for ensuring the implementation of the Policy.


Way Forward

  • The provisions of the draft reflect the government's intention to formalise the management of data and encourage data-based start-ups while addressing the safety and privacy concerns of the citizens.