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Hydrophis gracilis                                                                    

14th January, 2022 Environment


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Context: Graceful small-headed sea snake reported from Perumathura coast


More about the species in news:

Source: uncommon sea snake was reported at the Perumathura coast in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala).


Species name: Hydrophis gracilis, more commonly known as the graceful small-headed sea snakeReported for the

  • It is one of the 26 species of marine snakes known from the Indian coastline, it is relatively uncommon.


Special features:

  • It is characterised by its small head and a comparatively large body (especially the centre).
  • They are highly venomous


Habitat and distribution: It is usually found in the coastal waters of the Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal, the Persian Gulf, the South China sea, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.