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13th September, 2021 Health


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  • The World Health Organization recently released guidelines for pharmacological treatment of hypertension.



  • Though high blood pressure is a leading cause of disease, disability and death in all regions of the world, affecting an estimated 1.4 billion persons across the world, only 14% have it under control.
  • This is because of three gaps in health system performance.
  • Many who have hypertension are unaware, several of those who are detected are not on treatment and only half of those who are treated are effectively controlled on their prescribed treatment.




  • The target is to lower blood pressure values to less than 140/90 mm, in all adults.
  • In persons with known cardiovascular disease, the target is a systolic value less than 130 mm.
  • It has been recommended that non-physicians like nurses and pharmacists can provide drug treatment for hypertension if they receive proper training, have prescribing authority, follow specific management protocols and have physician oversight.
  • Community health workers may assist in patient education, blood pressure measurement and delivery of medications, as part of a health team.
  • Telemonitoring and home or community-based self-care are encouraged to improve blood pressure control, as part of an integrated management system.