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KAAVI ART            

1st January, 2022 Culture and Heritage

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  • During his Mann Ki Baat address, the Prime Minister spoke about a dying form of art known as Kaavi Art. He has urged people to work towards preserving such ancient forms in the country.



  • Kaavi art is a form of murals found in Konkan region especially in temples of Goa, parts of coastal Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Kaavi murals can also be seen in old houses, small shrines.
  • The term Kaav in Konkani refers to Indian red pigment which is the only color used in this painting, is obtained from the laterite soil.
  • Reddish brown murals against white sandblasted backgrounds are the specialties of Kaavi art.
  • The painting is done on wet plaster in a manner similar to frescoes.


Note: Fresco is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid ("wet") lime plaster.