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NATO-Russia Council                                               

14th January, 2022 International News

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Context: The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and Russia discussed the ongoing situation in Ukraine and its implications for security in Europe.

  • The talks happened at the NATO-Russia Council (NRC).


About NRC:

  • It was established by the 2002 Rome Declaration on "NATO-Russia Relations: a New Quality".
  • It is a mechanism for consultation, consensus-building, cooperation, joint decision and joint action, in which the individual NATO member states and Russia work as equal partners on a wide spectrum of security issues of common interest.
  • Key focus areas: fight against terrorism, crisis management, non-proliferation, arms control and confidence-building measures, theatre missile defence, logistics, military-to-military cooperation, defence reform and civil emergencies.
  • Since April 2014, civil and military cooperation under the NRC with Russia has been suspended in response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine


About NATO:

  • It was founded in 1949.
  • Aim:
    • To ensure collective protection for its members — the United States, Canada, and American allies in Europe — against the threat of possible post-War communist expansion and aggression by the Soviet Union.
    • NATO has traditionally focused on Russia and the European neighbourhood
    • recognises the need to deter “revisionist” and “militarily advanced” Russia, and the threat posed by rogue nations such as North Korea.
  • NATO allies do not recognise annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and have referred to as “illegal” and “illegitimate”.


Warsaw Pact

  • It was founded by the Soviet Union for its own defence and political alliance with Eastern European nations as a counterbalance to NATO.
  • Warsaw Pact that was signed in 1955.
  • This alliance was disbanded after the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1991.