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Nazool Land

12th February, 2024 POLITY AND GOVERNANCE

Nazool Land

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  • Violence erupted in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani district following a demolition drive conducted by the administration at the site of a mosque and madrasa.
  • The incident resulted in five fatalities and numerous injuries.

What is Nazool Land?

  • Nazool land is government-owned property, often allotted to entities on lease for a fixed period, typically between 15 and 99 years.
  • It emerged during British rule when lands confiscated from opposing kings were marked as Nazool land after India gained independence.

Usage of Nazool Land:

  • Governments utilize Nazool land for public purposes such as constructing schools, hospitals, and Gram Panchayat buildings.
  • In urban areas, Nazool land is also used for housing societies, generally on lease.

Governance of Nazool Land:

  • The Nazool Lands (Transfer) Rules, 1956 primarily govern the adjudication of Nazool land.

Status of Land in Haldwani:

  • According to the Haldwani district administration, the land where the demolition occurred is registered as the Nagar Nigam’s Nazool land.
  • A demolition drive had been ongoing for the past 15-20 days to clear encroachments and alleviate traffic congestion.
  • The administration claims the demolition was carried out with the court's approval, following a notice issued on January 30.


Q. What is Nazool land in the context of Indian land administration?

a) Land reserved for agricultural purposes under government control

b) Land allotted to religious institutions for development

c) Land owned by the government, often leased to entities for various purposes

d) Land earmarked for conservation projects under state jurisdiction

Correct Answer: c) Land owned by the government, often leased to entities for various purposes