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NEAT 3.0

5th January, 2022 Society

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  • The Union Minister of Education recently launched the National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) 3.0.
  • Currently, more than 120,0000 rupees of students at a social and financial disadvantage are using the voucher of a free educational technology course worth more than 253 crores at NEAT3.0. National Education Alliance for Technology (NEAT)


  • The Ministry of Education has announced NEAT as a public-private partnership model between the government (via the implementing agency AICTE) and educational technology companies across India.
  • This is an initiative to improve youth employability on a single platform for the benefit of learners using the most developed technology solutions in the education sector.
  • These solutions use artificial intelligence to provide a personalized and customized learning experience to improve learning outcomes and skill development in niche areas.


  • Bringing the best technical products in pedagogy to a single platform for the benefit of learners. Importance Bridging the digital divide, especially among economically disadvantaged students, and meeting the needs of the knowledge bases of India and the world will be a game changer.
  • The B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-business) models bridge the gap between Edtech's companies, academic institutions, and students.