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Quarterly Employment Survey

14th January, 2022 Economy

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  • The second quarter report of the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES), which is part of the AllIndia Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey (AQEES), has recently been released.

Important findings

  • Profession: The total employment of the nine selected sectors for the quarter ended September 2021 is 3.1 million. Therefore, employment is on the rise. Total employment for these nine sectors combined was given as 2.37 chlores in the 6th EG (201314).
  • Growth in each sector: Manufacturing accounts for about 39%, followed by education at 22%, and health care and IT / BPO at about 10%
    • The trade and transport sectors employed 5.3% and 4.6% of the estimated total number of employees, respectively.
    • It is important to note that the IT / BPO sector ratio was only 7 in the first quarter.
  • Women's participation in the workforce: The total share of female employees is 32.1, which is higher than the 29.3% reported in the first QES round.
  • E-shram Portal: Registration on the e-shram portal for workers in the informal sector is increasing, providing a realistic overview of employment across India's supply, along with new developments in the National Career Service (NCS) portal and QES findings.
  • Approach and Goals: Delivery of the last mile is the main purpose of the Government of India under the direction and guidance of the Prime Minister.


About Quarterly Employment Survey:

  • The Quarterly Employment Survey Report is an important publication aimed at providing insights into employment changes and many other relevant parameters from the previous quarter.
  • This is useful data for policy makers, central / state government officials, researchers, and other stakeholders.