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"Vinoba" Bhave    

13th September, 2021 Modern history


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  • The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has paid rich tributes to Acharya Vinoba Bhave on his Jayanti.



  • Vinayak Narahari "Vinoba" Bhave was an Indian advocate of nonviolence and human rights.
  • Often called Acharya (Sanskrit for teacher), he is best known for the Bhoodan Movement.
  • He is considered as a National Teacher of India and the spiritual successor of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • He was an eminent philosopher. The Gita has also been translated into Marathi language by him with the name as Geetai means mother Geeta.
  • In 1940 he was chosen by Gandhi to be the first individual Satyagrahi (an individual standing up for Truth instead of a collective action) against the British rule.
  • Bhave also participated in the Quit India Movement.


Bhoodan movement

  • The Bhoodan movement (Land Gift movement), also known as the Bloodless Revolution, was a voluntary land reform movement.
  • It was initiated by Bhave in 1951 at Pochampally village, which is now in Telangana, and known as Bhoodan Pochampally.
  • The Bhoodan movement attempted to persuade wealthy landowners to voluntarily give a percentage of their land to landless people. Philosophically, Bhave was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's Sarvodaya movement and Gram Swarajya.