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UPSC has increased the number of questions which are asked from Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines, especially in GS paper 2 and 3. Also, in prelims, UPSC directly asks question from PIB. 

Importance of Yojana and Kurukshetra

Importance of PIB

But should aspirants cover Yojana, Kurukshetra and PIB? The answer is NO. Reasons:

  • If you consider all the pages of Yojana, Kurukshetra and PIB , it will be around 500. It is time consuming and almost impossible to cover along with standard books
  • Many of the articles, facts etc. are not relevant from the exam perspective
  • They carry a lot of repetitive information
  • Not possible to revise these


Solution: Read the summary of Yojana, Kurukshetra and PIB. Reasons for it:

  • Only most relevant topics for exam are covered in the Magazine
  • Articles are comprehensively covered
  • Articles are broken in answer writing format for easy remembrance of aspirants
  • Saving of time and efforts for aspirants which can be used to prepare other topics of UPSC
  • Easy to revise multiple times for memorization of facts, data and examples


Apti Plus Summary of these magazines are one of the best as it not only provides the relevant information but also it is presented in a simple and lucid language for easy memorization.

PIB,YOJNA & Kurukshetra Compilation October 2020
  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • Data Governance Quality Index (DGQI)
    1. Niti Aayog has recently undertaken DGQI exercise. It is a Self-assessment based review of data preparedness levels across Ministries / Departments to produce a DGQI score-card.
    PIB,YOJNA & Kurukshetra Compilation September 2020
  • 09 Oct, 2020
  • Indian Astronomers discover one of the farthest Star galaxies in the universe Context
    1. India‘s first Multi-Wavelength Space Observatory "AstroSat" has detected extreme-UV light from a galaxy located 9.3 billion light-years away from Earth.
    PIB,YOJNA & Kurukshetra Compilation August 2020
  • 13 Sep, 2020
  • One Nation, One Ration Card Scheme Context
    1. Department of Food & Public Distribution has enabled the integration of these 4 States/UT with existing 20 States/UTs for the National Portability.
    PIB,YOJNA & Kurukshetra Compilation JULY 2020
  • 19 Aug, 2020
  • Accelerate Vigyan
    FOCUS: Science and Technology
    1. To provide a single platform for research internships, capacity building programs, and workshops across the country, the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) has launched a new scheme called ‗Accelerate Vigyan‘ (AV).
    PIB,YOJNA & Kurukshetra Compilation May 2020
  • 21 Jun, 2020
  • DekhoApnaDesh
    1. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India today launched the "DekhoApnaDesh" logo design contest on the MyGov platform.