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Automatic machine for the production of conical shaped fireworks          

11th September, 2021 Science and Technology



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  • The MSME Tool Room, Hyderabad, Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD) has obtained a patent for the invention entitled "AUTOMATIC MACHINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CONICAL SHAPED FIREWORKS" for 20 years from the 10th November,2015.



  • The aim of project is to automate the entire above process for relieving human fatigue and to save human from hazardous environment.
  • The entire process is minimal human intervention.
  • Hence, it is safe for humans to handle the machine in Fireworks Industry.
  • This is the first of its kind with fully indigenous technology.
  • The uniqueness of machine is that it completely works on pneumatic system for entire process of manufacturing.
  • There is no electrical or electronics system used in process.
  • Therefore, this can avoid most of the fire accidents in field of fireworks industries.


Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD)

  • CITD is a Govt. of India organisation working under the administrative control of Ministry of MSME.
  • It was established in the year 1968 and is a pioneering institution in training technical personnel in the field of Tool Design, CAD/CAM, Low Cost Automation etc.