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11th September, 2021 Society

Figure 1: No Copyright Infringement Intended


Government has announced an update in the CoWIN platform that would enable employers, clients, and service providers to determine the Covid-19 vaccination status of beneficiaries.

About Cowin

  • CoWin stands for Covid Vaccine Intelligent Work.
  • Back in January 2021, the platform was unveiled by the union government as it launched the vaccination drive in the country.
  • The website was created to give users a chance to book vaccine slots, keep a track of the overall vaccination drive in the country and download the Covid-19 vaccine
  • At the backend, it also allows healthcare providers to manage vaccine stockand keep a track of the workflow.

Features of Cowin

  • As mentioned, the primary feature is to give users a chance to book a vaccine slot anywhere in the country.
  • CoWin also gives users the opportunity to download the vaccination certificate. Users can also add their passport details in the vaccination certificate.

About Shared Technology

  • The government of India has made it clear that the code for CoWin will be made open source.
  • The government won’t attach any intellectual property rightsto it.
  • The government said that the code will be given to countries that are looking for an “orderly and transparent vaccination program”.
  • The government will not allow any commercial use of the platform orfor it to be repackaged in another form.