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Deputy Speaker

3rd September, 2021 Polity


  • The Delhi High Court has asked the Union government to explain its stand on a petition that challenges the government’s reluctance to conduct the elections to the post of Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

About Deputy Speaker:

  • Article 93 of the Constitution provides for the election of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
  • Like the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker is also elected by the Lok Sabha itself from amongst its members.
  • He is elected after the election of the Speaker has taken place. The date of election of the Deputy Speaker is fixed by the Speaker.
  • Whenever the office of the Deputy Speaker falls vacant, the Lok Sabha elects another member to fill the vacancy.

Role of Deputy Speaker:

  • The Deputy Speaker performs the duties of the Speaker’s office when it is vacant.
  • He also acts as the Speaker when the latter is absent from the sitting of the House.
  • In both the cases, he assumes all the powers of the Speaker. He also presides over the joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament, in case the Speaker is absent from such a sitting.
  • The Deputy Speaker has one special privilege, that is, whenever he is appointed as a member of a parliamentary committee, he automatically becomes its chairman.