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Guidelines for cybersecurity in power sector                                                     

11th October, 2021 Security

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Context: The central government released the guidelines for cybersecurity in the power sector with the aim to create a secure power cyber ecosystem.


“Central Electricity Authority (Technical Standards for Connectivity to the Grid) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019

  • It has framed Guideline on Cyber Security in Power Sector to be adhered by all Power Sector utilities to create cyber-secure eco-system.
  • This is the first time that a comprehensive guideline has been formulated on cyber security in the power sector.
  • The norms have been prepared after intensive deliberations with stakeholders and inputs from expert agencies in the field of cybersecurity, such as CERT-In, NCIIPC, NSCS and IIT-Kanpur, and subsequent deliberations in the power ministry.
  • It lays down a cyber assurance framework, strengthens the regulatory framework, puts in place mechanisms for security threat early warning, vulnerability management and response to security threats, and secures remote operations and services.
  • The norms are applicable to all responsible entities as well as system integrators, equipment manufacturers, suppliers/ vendors, service providers, and IT hardware and software OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) engaged in the Indian power supply system.
  • The guidelines mandate ICT-based procurement from identified 'trusted sources' and 'trusted products' or else the product has to be tested for malware/ hardware trojan before deployment for use in the power supply system network.
  • It will promote research and development in cybersecurity and open up the market for setting up cyber testing infra in public as well as private sectors in the country.