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India's Bhadla Solar Park                                                                


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Context: World's largest solar park in Bhadla, India.


About Bhadla Solar Park:

  • India's Bhadla Solar Park is the largest solar power park in the world.
  • Bhadla Solar Park is located in Bhadla, a dry and sandy region in Rajasthan, and spans 14,000 acres.
  • There are over 10 million solar panels at the park, which contribute to an operational capacity of 2245MW.



Benefits of Developing Renewable Energy Sources:

  • India's has strongly started working in the direction of producing solar energy in recent years. Currently, there are over 30 massive solar projects at various stages in the country.
  • With investments in solar projects, India is consistently working towards reducing its dependence on imported fossil fuels.
  • In rural areas, solar-powered lighting can prove much more beneficial than indoor lighting by kerosene.