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16th June, 2022 Polity and Governance

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 Context - The Union Government is in the process to initiate India’s first integrated Ayurveda nursing degree programme.


  • The integrated Ayurveda nursing degree programme is an effort to offer the best medical healthcare system to patients.
  • The syllabus of the programme will be designed by the All India Institute of Ayurveda.
    • Inputs from top professionals in both allopathic and Ayurveda fields.
  • There would be a provision for a residency programme where nursing students would take theory classes and work in the hospital to gain practical experience.
  • The programme will be designed on the formula of 80:20 (80% Practical and 20% Theory).

Significance of the Step

  • It will help to produce enough healthcare workers to meet health-Care Challenges.
  • Minimize opportunities for rent-Seeking in medical education and practice.
  • It will design a new Medical Curriculum according to the modern-day healthcare challenges.
  • The government working on increasing the number of MBBS and matching postgraduate seats, but we also need to ensure that the current healthcare needs of our population are fulfilled.
    • Many Countries have successfully addressed this problem by training non-doctors in basic medicine.
  • A New System of trained health workers is needed, who after training should be equipped to provide the first line of care for acute conditions and to make referrals to a regular doctor.


Way Forward

  • India has one doctor for 1,700 people, compared to the WHO norm of 1:1000, and most of these doctors are in urban areas, but nearly 70% of Indians live in rural areas.
    • With appropriate bridge Courses, Sound regulatory and licensing mechanisms, Ayush degree holders or graduates should be given a chance to help Serve India’s Primary healthcare needs.