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Non-nuclear aggression agreement                                           

3rd January, 2022 International News

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Context:  India, Pakistan exchange list of nuclear installations and facilities, covered under the Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations and Facilities between India and Pakistan.


About Non-nuclear aggression agreement:

  • It is a bilateral and nuclear weapons control treaty between the two South Asian states, India and Pakistan.
  • It was signed to limit nuclear arms race and pledged not to attack or assist foreign powers to attack on each's nuclear installations and facilities. 
  • The treaty was drafted in 1988 and it entered into force on January 1991.
  • The treaty barred its signatories to carry out a surprise attack (or to assist foreign power to attack) on each other's nuclear installations and facilities.
  • The treaty provides a confidence-building security measure environment and refrained each party from "undertaking, encouraging, or participating in,directly or indirectly, any action aimed at causing destruction or damage to any nuclear installation or facility in each country". 
  • Starting in January 1992, India and Pakistan have annually exchanged lists of their respective military and civilian nuclear-related facilities.
  • This is the 31st consecutive exchange of such lists between the two countries.