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6th October, 2021 Science and Technology


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  • Indian researchers have developed a method that can help large scale synthesis of a special class of semiconductor Nano crystals.
  • These Nano crystals called two-dimensional layered perovskite and perovskite Nano crystals, which have bright emission colors and are not affected by or corroded by the environment, are useful for both high color purity and low-cost solution process ability.



  • Nanomaterial’s have unique properties compared to their bulk counterpart as they exhibit bright emission and are useful for light-emitting diodes (LED) apart from several other applications in our day-to-day life.
  • However, large-scale syntheses of such materials are challenging as the reaction mechanism, and kinetics of large-scale syntheses are often different from small-scale syntheses.
  • Such large scale synthesis methods are necessary for industrial applications.
  • To this end, a group of researchers at the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS), an autonomous research institute under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), have synthesized two-dimensional layered perovskite and perovskite Nano crystals by a method called sonochemical process that is often used for large scale synthesis.
  • This process utilizes the principles of sonochemistry to make molecules undergo a chemical reaction with the application of powerful ultrasound radiation.
  • Sonochemistry is the use of ultrasound to enhance or alter chemical reactions.
  • Sonochemistry in the true sense of the term occurs when ultrasound induces “true” chemical effects on the reaction system, such as forming free radicals which accelerate the reaction.


Read: https://www.iasgyan.in/blogs/nanophotonics