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15th November, 2022 Environment

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Context:  “Understanding the Concept of LiFE” a side event was held at India Pavilion at COP 27. During the event the MoEFCC – UNDP Compendium ‘Prayaas Se Prabhaav Tak – From Mindless Consumption to Mindful Utilization’ was launched.



 The compendium highlights traditional best practices from India that embody the ethos of LiFE in the following areas, and highlights key behaviour change frameworks that

  • Responsible Consumptionby taking only as much as is needed, using products to the end of their lives, and repurposing or recycling whatever is left over.
  • Circular Economyto improve resource efficiency, minimize waste and emissions to reduce the carbon footprint and improve ecological handprint.
  • Living in Harmony with Natureby practising the philosophy of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam' (the World in One Family) and living a life with compassion for all living beings.
  • Sustainable Resource Managementthrough mindful and deliberate utilisation of the available resources and to reduce overconsumption and promote equitable access to resources.
  • Coexistence and Cooperationamong countries and communities through the promotion of science and innovation, knowledge exchange, dissemination of best practices, and conservation of traditional knowledge systems.
  • It proposes a LiFE framework to guide, governments, institutions, and societies to move towards mindful utilization of resources.


  • The mantra of LiFE, Life style for environment given by Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi places individual contribution at the centre stage to find solution to problems posed by climate change.
  • On 20thOctober this year, Mission LiFE was launched by the Prime Minister in the presence of UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.
  • Mission LiFE is a movement which focusses on mindful and deliberate utilisation of resources in place of mindless and wasteful consumption.
  • This is to protect and preserve the environment and more importantly it is a movement which has inclusivity in its spirit making every individual a trustee of our environment.
  • Mission LiFE makes the fight against climate change democratic, in which everyone can contribute within their capacity.