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5th August, 2022 Polity and Governance

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  • People in the Hasdeo Aranya forests area in Chhattisgarh are protesting against the mining activities in the area.
    • Hasdeo Aranya forests are called the lungs of Chhattisgarh.
  • Recently, the state Legislative Assembly of Chhattisgarh unanimously passed a private member resolution urging the Centre to cancel the allocation of all coal mining blocks in the Hasdeo Aranya forests.


Private Member Resolution

  • An MP or MLA who is not a Minister; whether from the ruling party or not, is a private member.
    • A private member resolution can be introduced by any private member and if the resolution passed, it becomes an expression of the House.
    • It is different from a private member bill which would become law if approved by the house.
  • Last year, during farm law agitation, Private member resolutions were passed by the State Assemblies of Punjab and Kerala, to express their displeasure against the farm laws.

Hasdeo-Aranya region

  • The Hasdeo Aranya forest area lies in the catchment area of the Hasdeo river in Chhattisgarh.
    • It is spread across 1,878 sq km in North-Central Chhattisgarh.
    • The Hasdeo river is a tributary of the Mahanadi river which originates in Chhattisgarh and flows through Odisha into the Bay of Bengal.
  • Hasdeo Bango Dam over the Hasdeo River irrigates nearly 6 lakh acres of land, important for the cultivation of paddy in the State.
  • The forests are ecologically sensitive; as they are rich in biodiversity and it is a migratory corridor for elephants.