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15th September, 2021 Environment


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Context: Terming the bio-decomposer technique a “smashing success” at curbing stubble burning in the Capital, Chief Minister of Delhi appealed to the Centre to ask the neighbouring States to use the same to prevent pollution.


About Pusa Decomposer’?

  • Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has developed 'decomposer' capsules.
  • When mixed in a water solution and sprayed on land, it soften and decompose paddy subtle to the extent that it can mix with soil and act as compost.
  • Theoretically, it does away with the reason farmers set fire to fields ahead of the rabi sowing.
  • It is essentially a fungi-based liquid solution that can soften hard stubble to the extent that it can be easily mixed with soil in the field to act as compost.
  • This would then rule out the need to burn the stubble, and also help in retaining the essential microbes and nutrients in soil that are otherwise damaged when the residue is burned.
  • These seven strains of fungi are packed into four capsules, which cost about Rs 20 per pack of four.