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The Sydney Dialogue                                                

18th November, 2021 Security

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Context: PM Modi addressed the  annual summit of cyber and critical technologies.


What is Sydney Dialogue?

  • It is an initiative of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.
  • It bring together political, business and government leaders to debate, generate new ideas and work towards common understandings of the opportunities and challenges posed by emerging and critical technologies.
  • The Sydney Dialogue is an annual summit of cyber and critical technologies to discuss the fallout of the digital domain on the law and order situation in the world.


Key takeaway from PM address:

  • The international order should ensure cryptocurrencies do not end up in wrong hands.
  • India’s space sector open to private investment and that the agriculture sector is reaping the benefits of digital revolution.
  • He highlighted the leaps in India’s digital revolution that has redefined politics, economy and society. It is raising new questions on sovereignty, governance, ethics, law, rights and security.
  • India’s industry and services sectors, even agriculture, are undergoing massive digital transformation. India using digital technology for clean energy transition, conservation of resources and protection of biodiversity.