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Xylophaga nandani                                                  

14th January, 2022 Environment

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Context: New species of wood-boring, deep-sea mollusc found in Arabian sea.

About Xylophaga nandani:

  • It is a new species of a rare, deep-sea mollusc belonging to the family Xylophagaidae.
  • Discovered from: the eastern Arabian Sea.
  • Significance of this discovery: This is the first time that a member of the genus Xylophaga is being recorded from the Arabian Sea.
  • Special features of members of the family Xylophagaidae:
    • They are deep-sea dwellers, their presence recorded even at depths of 7,000 metres.
    • Commonly found on wood that plunge to great depths, rarely they are also found on wood drifting on the ocean.
    • They use their shells to cut wood into tiny grains and use it as a source of energy.